International Print Festival ´Life N Style ´


 It all began in 2005…

The first exclusive collection of the handmade / limited edition screen prints came to its life in early 2005 under Art Caucasus Foundation.

In order to create these unique art works, Art Caucasus Foundation has collaborated with Screen Print advisor Lado Togonidze and the following six well known Georgian artists: Iliko Zautashvili, Levan Chogoshvili, Koka Ramishvili, Alex Berdysheff, Murtaz Shvelidze, Tamaz Varvaridze and Kote Sulaberidze.

The collection of the screen prints with a total of eight art works were exhibited in 2005, at Expo ‘Art Caucasus’ which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia.  

This was just the beginning …

Despite there being some strong and active print making studios in Tbilisi, there was not much understanding of print industry as such, while print making was one of the leading directions of creative industry and art business worldwide.

This was an unrivalled opportunity for us to preserve cultural heritage, by involving established and young emerging artists in this unique process. In addition, engaging the audience with a new vision of printmaking, converting it into an affordable luxury product. 

And a few years later… 

In 2016, Print Festival ´Life N Style´ was formed by Art Caucasus Foundation in Tbilisi, Georgia. The exhibitions, workshops, master classes, gallery talks and print making process organized under Print Festival ´Life N Style´ [in their own studio & showroom], were focused on the development of handmade printmaking field and its vitality as an artistic practice in Georgia.  

Over the past few years, Art Caucasus Foundation set up connections with the local and international artists, as well as with curators from Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Lithuania, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA. Click on catalogue

In an aim to activate its visual effect, since 2016, Print Festival ´Life N Style´ started collaborations with the multimedia artists, such as: photographers, video artists, performers, musicians, designers, sound makers, sculptors etc. 

Collateral events of the festival, such as exhibitions and multimedia projects around Georgia: Tbilisi, Batumi, Mestia, Tusheti, Upper Adjara, were to flourish the interest in all artistic expressions expanding and empowering Print Festival. 

Experimental projects presented in alternative spaces, such as Georgian high mountain spaces, old Wine Factory, outdoor spaces, streets, night clubs, cafes etc, started in 2017. Now these events are well established practices within the Festival. 

Projects: Fleur De Mere; Fashion & other misunderstandings; Art Tusheti; Corridor # 1; Exhibition in Space; Soul – I am not body, I am Soul & have a body; Sculptural Park. 

And now…

The mission of Print Festival ´Life N Style´ is to continue engaging with worldwide artists by creating and producing their collections in our studio in Tbilisi, Georgia. This includes promotion and sale of the established artworks & artists in local and international markets.

Under the Print Festival, we give the opportunity to the selected artists to produce limited editions of their works free of charge. All of the editions are handmade, limited, original and signed by an artist. 

A minimum of 1 to 10 copies of each art work produced in Life N Style studio are contributed to the Art Caucasus private collection, depending on the total editions made by each artist in each technique. 

So far, Art Caucasus foundation posses more than 1000 editions in private collection. 

We also give the opportunity to produce your own print collection for a certain fee - Check here.

You can carry out with techniques such as Silk Screen Printing, Aluminum Etching, linocut in our printmaking studio.

We also try to utilize prints in fashion, design & we have production of our own clothing, merchandising, ceramics, furniture and textile (Click on merchandising).

Every year has its own ideology … 

2020 - ´Irreal Reality´

2019 - ´White is Black & Black is White’

2018 - ´Do Or Do Not’

2016 / 2017 - ´Contemporary Art in Contemporary Space´ - This concept was directed to integrate Contemporary Art in Contemporary interior Spaces & lifestyle.