Oleg Timchenko

Oleg Timchenko


Born in 1961 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

Selected Exhibitions:

2016 - 2017 International Print Festival - LIFE N STYLE, 2008 “The Condition”, Gallerym “Baya” Tbilisi. Georgia; 2008 Embassy of Georgia, Haag; 2007 “Nostalgia “Gallery “Baya”; 2007“Bucephalus”, Gallery “Baya; 2006 1st Biennale “painter’s Attic”, Petersburg; 2006 Modern Art Center, Moscow; 2006 Workshop “Paper”, performance, Azerbaijan; 2005 Workshop “Wind from Caucasus”, Garikula, Georgia; 2005 - “Center Point”, Georgia

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 – Gamrekely gallery; 2004 - “Nostalgia”, Botanical Garden, Tbilisi; 2004 - Poetic performance “Don’t Tell Me Anything”, Tbilisi; 2004 - in Modern Art Gallery, Museum of History, Tbilisi; 2003 - “Transmission”, Pristor Gallery for Contemporary Art, Bratislava; 2002 Photo exhibition, “Out of Focus” Festival “Tabla”, art center VWK, Vienna; 2001 - Personal exhibition “The Game”, N Gallery, Tbilisi; 2001 - Slide projection “Forest Spirits”, Geneva; 2001 - “Art of Stability”, Leningrad’s Museum of Blockade, St. Petersburg, 2018 -Gamrekeli Gallery, Tbilisi. Georgia.

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